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This story on how to grow when you feel stuck, was updated March, 2023.

It’s not easy to grow when you are stuck! Trust me, I know. I have been there. I also know from personal experience it is very important to always “grow your world.”

Honey Good outside by the water contemplating what to do when she feels stuck.

Why We Feel Stuck

You are very aware when you feel stuck. You are just not happy. Don’t punish yourself but do not feel sorry for yourself. You may be feeling the pangs of an unhappy marriage, possibly you are lonely, (read my post on how to stop loneliness from becoming a habit) you moved to another community, or you are a new empty-nester.

Maybe you are busy but are bored with your busyness. You have no clue what you want to do for satisfaction and gratification. You retired. Or you are lonely for your friends at work and your daily schedule. You want to “grow” and transition but you are stuck. You want to “razzle up your dazzle” but find it difficult, especially at this stage of life over 50. Well darling, don’t despair.

I grow when I get stuck because I have “attitude”… a positive attitude! My attitude is part spirit, part courage, part style. It is my “my Moxie” and I own it.

I Have Been There Too…

I have been in your shoes. If you are lonely for friendship or looking for love, it is difficult to find a new path. When you are in a bad marriage or unhappy in the workplace or have serious family issues it is normal to feel trapped. If you are widowed, the transition from togetherness to aloneness is transformational. And, some of you become frozen. Some of you don’t care and you should. And, some say, I want to get unstuck but I need a little help from a friend.

It is for your physical and mental wellbeing to grow when you are stuck. Look upon this as a new and exciting chapter in your life. It may be making new friends, meeting a new beau, starting a new career, learning a new hobby, moving to a new city or a new home, and even a positive rebirth in a soured family relationship. I have a feeling you are already feeling better. I hope so.

How To Grow When You Are Stuck

Honey Good smiling next to Lake Michigan contemplating less is more

It begins with your attitude. A good life is about a woman’s positive attitude. It’s about viewing life through rose-colored glasses, which is what I like to do!

“I grow when I get stuck because I have “attitude”… a positive attitude! My attitude is part spirit, part courage, part style. It is my “my Moxie” and I own it.

Now write yours. It does not have to be positive if you are feeling negative. It has to be an honest assessment so you can grow. But, I would like you to end your statement on a positive note.

We All Have the Opportunity To Grow

BE A WOMAN OF ACTION. Don’t get stuck in inaction. Passivity and procrastination are so restrictive. Take baby steps, darling. One little step leads to another little step and these little steps lead to progress.

BE A WOMAN WHO IS POSITIVE. A positive thinking woman changes things when things aren’t working. How? She stops making excuses.

BE A WOMAN WHO IS FEARLESS. A forward-thinking woman does not allow fear to stand in the way of her goals. Fear defeats more women from starting something new than anything else.

BE A WOMAN WITH A GOAL. Women who make excuses never excel at anything. Why? They never get started! Remember to say to yourself over and over again, “I am capable.”

BE A WOMAN WHO CREATES FOR HERSELF. Don’t get stuck in trying to prove your worth to others. Prove your worth to yourself. Create your own life.

BE A WOMAN WITH A MANTRA. My priority is to grow. I will focus on my goal and work on it until I catch it.

Choice Is the Name of The Game

going grey, grey hair after 50

The easiest way to grow is when you have 100% control of a situation. I am a pro at that, thank God.

My problem is how to grow when you have no control over a situation, a situation that is affecting your happiness. I know the answer: I have to learn to coexist. I am in the process of learning how.

When I am feeling frustrated or upset, I focus on what I have. It makes no sense to pretend things away. I am grateful for my family’s good health, food on their table, and a roof over their heads. And I am grateful for my soul mate, feeling loved, being busy, my pooch, and good health.

Yes, I like to live on the sunny side of the street and make lemonade out of lemons, but it is helpful to acknowledge feelings of unhappiness. Then you can accept them, and move on knowing you are making a choice to grow out of it.

I will not deny my feelings. To deal with feelings is healthy and positive. I have the responsibility to figure out “my way.” I know this practice will add value to my life and help me grow.

Darlings, I just reread what I wrote. I actually without knowing it gave you a start. A tutorial. I am smiling.

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